SQL Saturday #206: Don’t Just Attend…Volunteer!


Have you heard about SQL Saturday #206 yet? No? Well then, you need to read Jes Borland’s post first.

Welcome back! I hope you’re interested enough to register, because we had a waiting list last year and I hope we have that same “problem” this year. I’d hate for you to miss out.

In fact, I’d like for you to get the VIP experience. Maybe you’ve attended SQL Saturdays before and you think you know all there is to know. If you haven’t volunteered, though, you’ve missed a whole level of SQL Saturday. Sure, you could attend and just observe all the free quality training. Maybe you’ll even ask a question during a session or chat with a sponsor.

But you can’t beat the feeling of being more than just an observer. When you volunteer, it becomes more than just  a  SQL Saturday. It becomes your SQL Saturday.

  • As a room monitor, you are the one who makes sure the speaker gets their evaluations. Trust me, they really want them – they won’t know what to keep and what to change without them. You got to hear that whole presentation, too – learning while you volunteer.
  • As a check-in helper, you make sure that the bleary-eyed masses get  their tools for the day – complete with nametags and goody bags. They’ll leave the tables bright-eyed and ready to learn because of you.
  • Let’s face it: no matter how adult we think we are, once plopped into an unfamiliar school setting we’re all children who are lost and late for class. As a greeter/traffic director, you get to be that nice upperclassman who calms the herd, knows what to do and where to go.
  • Maybe you prefer a behind-the-scenes role? No problem. Someone needs to stuff those goody bags, and we always need help with setup and takedown. Go to the after party with your karma bolstered by a few good deeds.

It’s just over two months until SQL Saturday #206. We’re working to make sure it will be even better than last year. Check that little volunteer box when you register and j0in us for YOUR SQL Saturday!

One response to “SQL Saturday #206: Don’t Just Attend…Volunteer!

  1. This might be the most convincing post I’ve ever read on volunteering!

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