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Why Your Company Should Sponsor SQL Saturday #287 – Madison, WI


What would you think if I told you that there’s a network of full day training events that SQL Server professionals attend, on their own time, all over the world? Would you believe that these events include topics from all aspects of the SQL Server stack plus professional development topics, and the attendees only have to pay for their lunch? How about this surprising fact: the speakers at these events are well-respected professionals in their field with years of experience, yet they volunteer their time to teach people they may never see again?

I’ve just described the amazing phenomenon known as SQL Saturday! These events are connected with the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS), and are attended by thousands of SQL Server professionals each year. We’re thrilled to announce that SQL Saturday is coming back to Madison for the third year running on March 29, 2014. Here’s a few reasons why your company doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to sponsor SQL Saturday #287.

Incredible Training Dollar ROI

Have you priced out sending a staff person to a full day of training lately? And that’s probably just training on one topic. Can you imagine what it might cost to send them to a training session where they had their pick of five or six different topics every 90 minutes? Think of the instructor fees! And the quoted cost is probably per person – who on your staff would have to miss out because it costs too much to send the whole team? And we haven’t even looked at travel costs, figured out weekday coverage while people are out…

Don’t panic – take a look at our sponsorship levels! A veritable bargain and it’s right in Madison, WI! On a Saturday!

Quality Learning Opportunities For Your Team

The SQL Saturday community is wildly fortunate to have presenters with experience in every SQL Server topic imaginable. This experience is current – they’re teaching these topics because they’ve been there, done that, and often gotten the certification to prove it. These presenters are also practiced instructors who spend their own time and money to make sure they are passing on their skills as effectively as possible. Our schedule from last year was amazing, and we’re expecting an incredible line-up this year as well. We welcomed nearly 250 attendees to SQL Saturday in Madison last year, and if you sponsor SQL Saturday, you can make sure that hundreds more learn from the best this year. Your team can attend with pride, knowing that their company cares about professional skill development and takes an active role in the regional technology community.

And the benefits aren’t just from the formal presentations. SQL Saturday is a place where attendees can trade stories and brainstorm with others that “get them”. The connections they make might lead to a problem solved, a new solution designed, or a wrong technology choice avoided. You cannot beat the value of connections with other engaged, excited professionals in your field. SQL Saturday is a place to make those connections, and sponsors make SQL Saturday possible.

Get Noticed by the Best Local Talent

It’s no secret that data skills are hot in the current employment market, and the data geeks that are the most motivated to grow and innovate attend events like SQL Saturday. After all, the “Saturday” in “SQL Saturday” shows that our attendees are a rare bunch: they take time away from their family and friends to improve their knowledge and discover new possibilities. Wouldn’t you like to meet them? Wouldn’t you like to show them that your company is doing amazing things with data, or is excited to take their data architecture to the next level with the right talent? As a sponsor of SQL Saturday, your company will get noticed by the type of employees you want to hire!

Sponsorship Levels for Every Training Budget

We know that there are employers large and small in the area that use Microsoft SQL Server, and we want to make sure that everyone can find a level that fits their budget. We have sponsorship levels from $250 to $1,000, and all of these levels come with plenty of benefits for our generous sponsors. Please see our Sponsor Page for all the details!

I hope I’ve been able to pique your interest in sponsoring SQL Saturday #287. The SQL Saturday Madison committee is immensely proud of what these events have achieved the past two years, and we are grateful beyond measure for those who make this possible. Show your commitment to the Wisconsin technology community and join in!

SQL Saturday #206: Don’t Just Attend…Volunteer!


Have you heard about SQL Saturday #206 yet? No? Well then, you need to read Jes Borland’s post first.

Welcome back! I hope you’re interested enough to register, because we had a waiting list last year and I hope we have that same “problem” this year. I’d hate for you to miss out.

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PASS Summit 2012: Encourage, Energize & Empower Part 2

Part 2: Energize & Empower

Blogger’s note: From a strictly aesthetic perspective, this should be a three part series. Odd numbers always look better, and surely three parts matches the meter of the motto better. However, let’s be realistic – how long must I expect people to read my nattering on about the PASS Summit?

I was there, I have the proof!

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PASS Summit 2012: Encourage, Energize, Empower Part 1

Part 1: Encourage

I’ve stolen the title of this series of posts from the motto on the swag for the Women in Technology Luncheon from PASS Summit 2012, as I think it perfectly summarizes my experience at this conference. It was my second PASS Summit (first was in 2010), and I was thrilled to be able to attend again this year. Thanks to the PASS Chapter Leader scholarship and to Trek Bicycle Corporation for sponsoring my attendance!

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