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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Like Social Media

Within the past year, my involvement with social media sites has grown exponentially. Carrying a smartphone has certainly helped feed these new habits, as have my duties on behalf of MADPASS, but what surprises me the most is how useful some of these sites have become in my life.

Before I natter on about how I’m using social media, please take My Very Short Social Media Survey. I need some data, and it’s just three easy questions. Think of it as helping a thirty-something geek with her homework,  with no calculus required.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 – Initial Review

Like so many both in the technology industry (and at this point on our planet), I am addicted to my smartphone. I am seized with momentary panic if I think I’ve forgotten it, which is only assuaged when I unearth it from my purse. It goes with me everywhere, and probably gets more attention than it should. On the other hand, how else does a human react to something that provides entertainment, information, a camera, and which responds best to gentle taps and strokes?

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