How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Like Social Media

Within the past year, my involvement with social media sites has grown exponentially. Carrying a smartphone has certainly helped feed these new habits, as have my duties on behalf of MADPASS, but what surprises me the most is how useful some of these sites have become in my life.

Before I natter on about how I’m using social media, please take My Very Short Social Media Survey. I need some data, and it’s just three easy questions. Think of it as helping a thirty-something geek with her homework,  with no calculus required.

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SQL Saturday #206: Don’t Just Attend…Volunteer!


Have you heard about SQL Saturday #206 yet? No? Well then, you need to read Jes Borland’s post first.

Welcome back! I hope you’re interested enough to register, because we had a waiting list last year and I hope we have that same “problem” this year. I’d hate for you to miss out.

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URL Access to SSRS Integrated Mode Reports

We’ve got an active project at work to migrate our many (many!) SSRS reports from a 2012 native mode instance to a 2012 instance integrated into SharePoint 2010. There are a number of benefits to migrating to SharePoint, which I’ll cover in a future post, but there are also functions we need to replicate from native mode. Several of our reports get displayed on LCD screens around a development team’s area so they can track sprint burndown rates and progress towards software upgrade goals. These reports are displayed via SSRS URL Access, which allows us to render the report in its own window and with certain parameter and display configurations. David Peterson and I found that the configuration between native and integrated mode wasn’t necessarily a 1:1 swap, but our suffering is your gain, as you now get to cheat off our homework.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 – Initial Review

Like so many both in the technology industry (and at this point on our planet), I am addicted to my smartphone. I am seized with momentary panic if I think I’ve forgotten it, which is only assuaged when I unearth it from my purse. It goes with me everywhere, and probably gets more attention than it should. On the other hand, how else does a human react to something that provides entertainment, information, a camera, and which responds best to gentle taps and strokes?

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SSRS Subscription Administration – Part 2

Subscriptions Report

We have some query results courtesy of the query we looked at in Part 1, but some of those columns aren’t in the most readable or presentable format. Enter an SSRS report built via Report Builder/BIDS/SSDT.  I’m going to assume that if you’re an SSRS admin, you know your way around building a basic SSRS report, so we’ll keep these instructions high level.

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PASS Summit 2012: Encourage, Energize & Empower Part 2

Part 2: Energize & Empower

Blogger’s note: From a strictly aesthetic perspective, this should be a three part series. Odd numbers always look better, and surely three parts matches the meter of the motto better. However, let’s be realistic – how long must I expect people to read my nattering on about the PASS Summit?

I was there, I have the proof!

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PASS Summit 2012: Encourage, Energize, Empower Part 1

Part 1: Encourage

I’ve stolen the title of this series of posts from the motto on the swag for the Women in Technology Luncheon from PASS Summit 2012, as I think it perfectly summarizes my experience at this conference. It was my second PASS Summit (first was in 2010), and I was thrilled to be able to attend again this year. Thanks to the PASS Chapter Leader scholarship and to Trek Bicycle Corporation for sponsoring my attendance!

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SSRS Subscription Administration – Part 1

This is part one of a two part series of SQL Server Reporting Services Subscription Administration. In part one, we’ll review some “care and feeding” basics and review a handy query that allows you to get a better view of how your SSRS subscriptions are behaving. In part two, we’ll look at a report that takes the subscription results query and puts it in a format that allows you to quickly review status, recipients, and parameters.

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So You Want to Own a Horse

I have an SSRS technical blog entry in the works, but after coming back from a late night with an after hours veterinarian visit for my sick mare, I thought I’d post something on the equine side of things. I put this content together a year or so ago when a friend’s parents were planning to move to the country and thought it might be nice to dot their property with a horse or two. Horse ownership is the most amazing combination of joy and frustration, of expense and elation, but it’s never to be taken lightly. And now, for your edification, a collection of my “So you want a horse, eh?” thoughts.

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Hello (Blog) World, or How MADPASS and a Horse Named Meadowlark Kicked Me into a New Gear

Good technology user groups are marvelous. So are good horses. Two came together in my life over the past year to nudge my life unto a new course.

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